tech tammina-employees


Tech Tammina and its team are very apparent that is very important to us throughout the whole cycle from sales to development, testing, and deployment. There is a consistent desire which made us delighted as a client of the product. They started off with the sales cycle, tracking me down and making sure they got the contract in place. They got a great product manager and team. It's been a great experience to work with them. Not only has the team worked hard, to make sure that they are listening to what our requirements are, one of the things that have really impressed to me is they also have made a lot of attempts and efforts to improve upon the request we have made. It really helps out because of it really nice to feel like you are working with somebody who is an expert in the field and they are not just looking at filling the requirement you say but they are also trying to bring in their expertise. It's been incredible right from requirement gathering, design phase, development, and testing. Thank you very much it's been great working with you guys. Hope to be able to have continued experience with your team.

- Director-IntoCareers Universty of Oregon

I would like to let you know how amazing I think your team is and working on this project has absolutely been a pleasure every single day. We had so wonderful experience with everyone on the team and I am constantly impressed with your high-level expertise and you are also responsive and you show such dedication to the project. Communications and project management has been absolutely outstanding; your commitment to delivering the quality product on time and in a budget is rare and your dedication your hard work, your drive has kept this project moving forward in a positive and efficient way and I’m really grateful to you for that. Your team is just outstanding and I feel fortunate to work together. My most sincere thanks for developing such a great product and I really do look forward to working with you all in the future.

- Product Manager- IntoCareers Universty of Oregon

Let me start by saying that I am quite impressed by the dedication of the Tech Tammina's team. The long hours, which they put to understand our recruitment process and company objectives to find us the most apt candidates impressed us greatly. The results which we have received so far are exemplary and Tech Tammina has made an outstanding contribution in our company's workforce. We are looking forward for a long term association with them now.

- Deborah, Collaby Consulting