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Recruitment landscape is undergoing a huge transitional phase and hiring talents in this ever-growing talent pool has become challenging. Manual recruitment process that consumes hours to scrutinize profiles and days for cold calling to shortlist right talent, is undoubtedly exhaustive and time-consuming. Additionally, huge repetitive and time-bound workload creates invisible yet immense pressure on recruiters. As difficult as it sounds, this brings the hiring network to the need of a dynamic solution for the constantly evolving dynamic talent market!

Key Features and Functionality


cold calling- seamlessly integrates with IVR


data-driven Appian Bot processes the data and helps in scheduling an interview slot


Process application after being scrutinised by IRP in 2-5 minutes


Automated Workflow helps in creating the job requisition


scrutinise profiles from different job boards


Reports are generated based on real time data


Seamlessly integrated with ceipal and other ATS systems


Email notifications


IRP gathers profiles in just 30 minutes from all available professional networking sites

In 2-5 minutes, IRP shortlists the candidates from their response and process their application

Appian serves as central point where the data will be stored during the process to create automated task

IRP spends 1-2 hours depending on the IVR subscription for cold calling

Global recruiting automation software market was valued at

$496.8 Million in 2021,

and it is expected to reach a value of

$660 Million by 2032,

at a CAGR of 2.7%


With our expertise in IT, Automation and clear understanding of today’s recruitment needs, we built an ideal solution to speed up your end-to-end talent hiring process from days to just few hours.

Tech Tammina’s IRP (Intelligent Recruitment Processing) solution can simplify, streamline and enhance your recruitment process by leveraging brilliant mix of AI, Appian’s Low Code and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Capabilities.


Robotic Process Automation is transforming recruitment scenario and with Appian’s RPA technology, the entire hiring process becomes faster, accurate and easy to use. The turnaround time associated with manually processing candidate profiles is reduced to merely around 5 minutes from hours. RPA empowers your recruiters to operate productively and reduces hefty workloads to minimise work related stress. Appian RPA effortlessly integrates with different systems to give you a smooth user experience. Using Appian RPA to automate recruiting talents and create tech-savvy recruiters, guarantees you a fast-paced competitive edge in your game!


Leveraging Appian, a leading process, we automate complex workflows into seamless and efficient workflows to support your business growth. Appian’s low-code capabilities and rapid set-up enables us to deliver high-quality technology solutions for your digital up-scaling.

Appian Low-Code

Appian's Low-code capabilities let us rapidly design and build beautiful UIs with quicker development deployments, and integrate all your technologies, data, and systems into a single workflow to accelerate business results. Leveraging such capabilities, we have developed a pre-defined customizable checklist to showcase the difference and matching information consolidated from Appian IDP & Appian RPA.


Why Tech Tammina?

Human resource is exceptionally important constituent of an organization’s build-up and Tech Tammina understands the need of hiring right talent for your growth. We are committed to technology driven transformation to enhance the HR- ecosystem and make your talent hiring process seamless in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

With AI powered automated workflow, Appian’s low-code capabilities, RPA Bot and easy integration with IVR system, your process of recruiting desired talents just becomes smooth and hassle-free by saving invaluable productive time.

Increase recruiter effeciency by 2X times and Reduce average turnaround time by 25%

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