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Technology today is evolving at a pace never seen before. With the latest updates and specifications, it has become substantial for businesses to improve IT processes for increased operational efficiencies. However, IT problems have become more complex, and delay in their resolution cost an organization- time,money, and resources, affecting its overall competency. To add on, the large volume of unorganized requests for support and situational demand often strains in-house IT teams which leads to the inability of project completion or faulty outcomes.


On an average, response time to an IT support issue in an industry is about 15-20 minutes, making an average close time of the issue around 17 hours.


With TAMS, the response time will be immediate and can reduce the overall closing time of the issue to just 1 hour.

Let’s see how Tech Tammina can help!

Service Lines

For more than a decade, Tech Tammina has proven its mettle in the field of IT, Process Automation and continues to offer high-quality services and solutions.

Tammina Appian Managed Services (TAMS) emphasizes system-centricity rather than a person-centric approach, through the creation of Knowledge Base (KB) documents support and in-depth analysis using the dashboard designed specifically for the application.

Dynamic case allocation

Mandatory KB documents

Auto-populate with similar cases and KB documents from the repository

Auto escalation to the next level based on SLA set-up by the user

Auto-scaling of resources as required

Canned responses

Interactive dashboard & resource performance report

24/7 support flexibility

The global managed services market size was

$312.72 billion in 2022 and is

increasing at 12.6% CAGR and by 2030,

it is projected to reach $757.10 billion


Tech Tammina always empowers knowledge resources with immediate access to information and tracks performance toward business goals. Our managed services offer a centralizeds place wherein the end user can raise tickets for any application. It offers dynamic allocation of tickets, a streamlined approval matrix, and auto-search of similar tickets with supporting KB documents to reduce the closure time.

Knowledge Base Documents

A knowledge base improves a company’s ability to grow exponentially. It is a self-serve portal that exists in multiple formats (.doc, .pdf, .xls, etc) and is easily accessible to any user looking to get more information about any problem. Our application fetches the related KB documents automatically from the archive based on the keywords. For every issue, the support team should create a knowledge base document (Symptoms, Root Cause, Action, and Category).

Appian Portal

Appian Portal acts as a front door, connecting external users with Appian data and workflow. It can be used to submit forms, file claims, view documents/information, and more, without requiring users to log in. Simultaneously, we can use low code to build public websites that are conveniently connected to the Appian applications. Our application uses Appian Portal which makes external users raise the ticket without holding an Appian license.


Appian Low-Code

Appian’s low-code capabilities and rapid set-up enables us to deliver high-quality solutions and integrate all the technologies, data, and systems into a single workflow to accelerate business results for your growth in this digital world. Our managed services onboard only skilled resources to work on the assigned tickets, which are allocated to them dynamically with the help of pre-defined rules on the skill sets in Appian. Unlike other ticketing systems, our application proactively monitors the health of the application and does periodic code reviews whenever it is required. Also, it has a provision to integrate with other ticketing systems through Web APIs.

Why Tech Tammina?

Managed services have become an integral part of the business’s technology sphere to strengthen and fasten problem-resolution mechanisms for optimum operational agility. We understand the importance of IT excellence in this rapidly evolving digital landscape and are fully committed to the vision of your problem resolution for faster and more accurate deployment. Developed by a team of highly skilled professionals with the latest potential of the Appian low-code portal, TAMS capacitates you with end-to-end ticketing support, maintenance, and reliability, making us well-preferred among our customers.

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