Dynamic and unforeseen market demands require businesses to adapt to the changing technological landscape and develop long-term digital models. As a result, reusable components have become the need of the hour and a reliable form of digital solution to significantly reduce time, resources, and costs, critical to long-term sustainability. Reusing code is a simple and intelligent way to capitalize on this shift in the software game.


Starting from scratch is time-consuming and resource intensive for any project. Keeping in mind the exorbitant costs that come along!


Sharing and reusing components across projects can reduce development time by up to 20%


Service Lines

Tech Tammina realizes the criticality of delays in the development time. As an application grows in usage and functions, complexity increases and more developers are needed to maintain and develop the application. The efforts further magnify when an organization develops more products. It invests heavily in tools to enhance development efficiency, and standardization and maintain consistency across all digital assets. Tech Tammina concentrates on component-driven development that would increase ROI over time.

With our reusable components, you will reduce development costs and accelerate your project by:

20% Reduction in development time

Writing less code by reusing managed components

Reducing developer time spend on maintenance

Improving product planning efficiency

Easier to switch and modernize technology

Integrating faster using components

Better product quality and consistency to improve ROI

Efficient outsourcing through greater team autonomy


Tech Tammina understands that the fastest application development generally occurs when applications are created from pre-existing designs or building blocks. It enables applications to be customized quickly out of components that can be adapted to individual needs. Our reusable components help the developers to reduce the time in the design and process flow.

We follow below 4 aspects to maintain the code quality at all times for the customers:
All the components are developed in such a way that there are no internal vulnerabilities that exist in the code before reuse.
All the codes are trustworthy and reliable.
Performance Efficiency
Components are highly efficient to use in any project.
The code being reused is fault-tolerant and easily maintainable.

Appian Low-Code

Appian’s low code helps developers to reduce the time taken for the development with the help of reusable functionality. The Integration Designer provides easier integration to existing back-end systems by enabling the definition of reusable objects within Appian. These objects allow reusable integration to enterprise-wide or third-party services such as Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA). The result is a 10x gain in integration development productivity for faster delivery of applications. One web API can be used by objects in the same or different Appian environment and external systems at the same time.

Why Tech Tammina?

Tech Tammina’s reusable components help customers to increase the speed of the development process by leveraging the existing code for the functions and features. We ensure that all components are reliable and consistent so that the customers don’t have to spend much time in the testing phase. We have also maintained separate documentation for all components which would help us to reuse the code with their values readymade. This way of the component platform can make it easy to release new components fast and update the same in all your applications instead of slow releases. We work a mile ahead to support your growth and agility.
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