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Remember the old paperwork that we all went through as students during admission into a school or a university? Well, times have changed and so has the university admission process. Manual processing of hard copies, managing and consolidating transcripts of students received over email has become outdated, slow, and inefficient. Furthermore, manual dealing of papers such as transcripts or student data forms is prone to human errors and possibly results in the loss of documents. It has therefore become essential for universities to have advanced and competent management systems to enhance operational agility.


Average time taken by the admissions department to process a single student document which includes consolidation of all transcripts, takes around 2 hours.


UAMS reduces your turnaround time by automating and extracting data from scanned transcripts using intelligent document processing (IDP).


Our decade-long experience and expertise in the IT and automation sector have enabled us to deliver high-quality services, focused on technological excellence. The University Admissions Management System is designed to streamline operations and automate complex iterative tasks to improve agility, speed, and security.

UAMS provides a bird’s eye-view of the productive functioning of entire education operations. It comprises different modules that cover every department of a university to make operate effortlessly. Through capabilities of different technologies embedded in our application, we offer hassle-free and accurate data extraction from transcripts, a dashboard to view student’s admission process, along with several other benefits.

Seamless student onboarding and record management

Easily accessible by any level of professionals

Adaptable to the dynamic needs of the university process

Reduction in overall turnaround time

User-friendly interface

Scalable, easy to use, and implement

What’s more, as the student’s curriculum progresses, UAMS also support building resume, making job application easier for students.

The smart learning market size is projected to grow

at a CAGR of 21.0% during the forecast period to reach

USD 95.4 billion by 2026 from an

estimated USD 36.7 billion in 2021


UAMS is a web-based university management system that ensures the information is made available at your fingertips using the latest technologies and helps with faster, easier, and more effective decision-making. It utilizes Appian Low-code and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities to create and automate efficient workflows, extract data from scanned transcripts, and seamlessly integrate with external systems. The entire application flawlessly integrates with legacy systems/Appian dashboards using Web APIs and bots (Robotic Process Automation).

Appian Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing is being used in every industrial domain for paperless documentation. It ensures not only faster but also accurate extraction and analysis of required data from scanned transcripts, using pre-defined rules assigned to it. Following this, the data is stored in the Appian database. IDP eliminates the need for manual entry of data from transcripts, thereby reducing the chances of human-induced error to almost nil.

Appian Low-Code

Leveraging Appian low-code capabilities, we deliver value to our customers through rapid application build-up, easy deployment, and seamless data integration. University Admissions Management System is an uninterrupted and robust application tailored with special emphasis on stored transcript data management.
Once the transcript data is extracted from the legacy system, data reconciliation will be initiated which makes the user to cross-check and correct the extracted data, if required. With the pre-defined rules in Appian, the students are able to check their application status at anytime. The dashboard designed in Appian helps to provide a high-level insight on the enrollment of students and their process.

Why Tech Tammina?

Tech Tammina is committed to its vision of creating high-quality IT solutions for today’s real-world problems. We value effective teaching and learning models, supported by smooth and efficient administrative workflow for an advanced education system. University Admissions Management system simplifies your operations by extracting and uploading data from scanned transcripts to Appian database/legacy system, enabling all the involved stakeholders to monitor overall progress and seamlessly integrate with finance departments for hassle-free operations.

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