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Given the array of ongoing challenges businesses face, including those posed by hybrid work and COVID-19, business automation is more important than ever. In large organizations, many business units have long been using robotic process automation (RPA) to automate simple manual tasks such as copying and pasting data. While RPA can address local needs quickly and easily, it can’t scale to deliver the complete end-to-end automation, also called hyper-automation, that modern companies need. When business units become frustrated with the limitations of RPA, they may choose to work around IT to implement their own tech solutions. This can lead to problems, such as noncompliant or insecure implementations, technical debt, siloed data, maintenance challenges, and misalignment with strategic go.

There is a considerable range of approaches—both in terms of methodology and technology—that can enable complete automation. Even with the best tools in place, however, nearly every company can benefit from a business unit devoted to overseeing, championing, and supporting the goal of automation. This is where the automation center of excellence (CoE) comes in.



Without COE, the team spends an average of 20 percent overtime each week. The error rate is also presumably high along with low employee morale.


The processes are fully optimized and automated in automation COE. This makes the employee morale go up and reduces the turnaround time to completion by 10 percent.

Let’s see how Tech Tammina streamlines your processes!

Service Lines

Bots can help business units automate simple tasks. But Tech Tammina understands that the automation CoE can address
many needs, along with scalable forecasts and the ability to streamline more complex processes through a complete
automation approach.

With Automation CoE, organizations can enjoy the following benefits:

Efficient use of resources

Reduction in operation cost

Eliminate inefficient practice

Share effective techniques

Provision of quality products and services

Support individual and team learning

Cutting implementation time for new skills and technologies

Consistency in offering services and creating products


The global automation CoE market was valued at USD

299.98 million in 2021 and is projected to hit

USD 3,180.8 million by 2030,

growing at a CAGR of 30.3%


Tech Tammina plays a key part in automation, streamlining development and scaling automation across the entire enterprise. We help teams build powerful apps quickly and make a full ecosystem of technologies available to developers. Our automation CoE provides simple data convergence across the organization without the need to migrate data, offering a virtual 360-degree view of data. This allows data to be accessed where needed, alongside dynamic task management tools that make it easier for users to handle exceptions or ad hoc activities keeping humans at the center of automated processes.

Appian RPA

Full-featured low-code platforms provide built-in RPA functionality, so bots can be deployed easily and effectively while working with more complex tasks and extensive automation technology. Ultimately, the flexibility, speed, and tools provided by a complete low-code platform will serve as a key addition to the arsenal of any automation center of excellence.

Appian Best Practices

Enterprise automation initiatives require governance. Our automation COE uses one of three primary models (centralized, decentralized, and federated) to balance business goals against IT standards and requirements. The COE empowers evangelism by utilizing proper buy-in from relevant parties. Additionally, it keeps an agile mindset that encompasses a range of processes aimed at overcoming the slow pace and uneven quality of traditional development. Furthermore, it implements complete automation that enables the efficient and effective design of complex, end-to-end processes with the help of specialized resources.

Appian Low-Code

Appian’s low code will help businesses to set the right execution model by making sure that they are on the right path. This will help you to choose the right use case for the automation journey. Appian and automation always go hand-in-hand and are quite synonymous with cost-cutting too. With Appian, many automation instances can be identified and they can be resolved by using expression rules and process models.

Our Automation CoE lies in orchestrating people, technology, and data in a single workflow. To realize this, every organization must track and analyze the needs, inefficiencies, any regulatory changes that demand change, and trends that have to be adapted to. If the scope for automation is already identified and is in place, then we would also extend the boundary to automate work to increase user engagement and partnership in business processes.

Why Tech Tammina?

Automation CoE can enable rapid transformation while controlling associated risks, helping you to manage your automation investments wisely and enabling you to operate and monitor your initiatives efficiently. As the competitive advantages of automation continue to expand, and the use of automation technologies becomes more common, the need for organizations to accelerate their automation programs and quickly move to scale becomes more urgent. Tech Tammina offers an automation solution that helps the organization reduce average handling time by 55% and reduce process costs by 75%.  Reach out to us to automate your business!

Reach out to us to automate your business!

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