Month: October 29, 2018

android business growth

How Android App Development can take your business towards growth?

When Google introduced the Android opensource mobile development platform in 2008, Android has evolved as the most widely used mobile platform across the globe. As

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business-process-management blog

How BPM Supports Work Process Improvement

BPM  services are becoming extremely popular for the benefits they offer to an organisation. Several companies are now- a- days embarking on Business Process Management

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software prototype image

Why should you Create a Functional Prototype for your software

Which is quite close to the actual product and possesses comprehensive functionality. Functional Prototype helps the customers,  and the stakeholders to evaluate the product’s functionality, 

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5 Best Practices for Efficacious Organizational Recruiting

Recruiting and hiring the right candidates is not just a time-consuming and challenging task, but is also a craft that needs to be perfect in

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