Year: March 27, 2019

Appian IPA 1

Have you heard? APPIAN IPA is your best bet to grow

Appian is one of the topmost software suites which offer the Business Process Management (BPM) with different types of automation tools. In this digital world,

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RPA | The Next Big Thing In Banking Sector

RPA | The Next Big Thing In Banking Sector RPA-(Robotic Process Automation) is used across the world in several banks to minimize the errors and

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Automating World Through Robotics

What is RPA? RPA is the abbreviation for Robotics Process Automation. As the name suggests this process isn’t about Robots or Machines. It is related

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Appian unifies shared information in the regulatory platform

Appian – The foundation for managing a business in an efficient way is mastering the communication of processes, people, and data. The technology that a business

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5 Things You Should Know About Post Approval Maintenance

It is often overwhelming for regulatory teams to balance a priority between research and development, and related rigid deadlines, and administering continuing support of permitted

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