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Automated Policy Checking at a Glance
Automated Policy Checking Processes at a Glance – Tech Tammina Policy checking has always been done manually, even with the advent of technology. If you are accustomed to the task, you must also be aware of the time and effort it requires. A typical policy document or binder has anywhere from 30 to 250 pages, sometimes even more! It sounds fairly daunting to go through the extensive policy documents, confirm their specifics with the management systems, and then manually record differences or information that matches to build a checklist. Do you know that the whole procedure of policy checking can consume 2 hours from your busy schedule? However, this time duration can be dropped down to just 3 minutes with the help of Policy Checking Automation.  When thinking of Policy Check Automation then Tech Tammina offers the best Insurance Policy Checking Automation. We have an IT experience of over a decade and our collaboration with Appian has led us to build successful policy-checking automation.

 Comprehensive and error-free policy inspection:

Human errors are inevitable while working on such oceanic policy-checking tasks. Examining all the customized policies, renewals, sales, errors & omissions can happen error and hustle-free with the advent of AI-based policy-checking software. Streamlining all the data with dates and other supplementary information promptly can be facilitated by this New-to-industry application. It is a credible way for insurance companies/ brokers to smartly interact with customers. It is cost-effective for insurance companies/ agents as it includes less manual interference and more productive results.

 Less headache more work

An agency does a lot of work like deciding which policy better suits the customers having variable financial incomes, convincing people of newly came policies, a lot of paperwork, and managing all the tasks parallelly. This job might be confusing while dealing with an increasing number of applicants. With insurance policy checking automation, one can invest much time in grabbing more and more applicants and not on managing their data. With this channel, a broker may surpass irrelevant paperwork. Customer satisfaction will become the priority of business while delivering any product or service (POS). A good user experience can attract a more sensible individual to your product. With this advanced automation process, customers undoubtedly rely on your product more than the rest of the proposals in the market.

 Viable to businesses and consumers:

SAAS (Software-as-a-service) is touching almost every business to act digitally. And the interesting part is, it doesn’t require much investment. This software can deploy instantly without prior infrastructure. This automation makes the whole process more intelligent, agile, and smarter which a group of people could not do in years. Also, the huge data is safe and secured with the system. There is no or less space for a data breach. Highlighting loudly, automated processes save a lot of time for brokers, a consumer, and all that business runners who are working overnight to stand differently in the industry.

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 Appian IDP 

Insurance Agencies, Brokers, and Carriers have benefited from Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) by processing documents more quickly. Additionally, it has increased efficiency and extraction accuracy while ensuring paperless document processing. Additionally, as IDP does not require manual data entry, there are no longer any human errors, making the solution cost-effective. We can evaluate and extract pertinent data points from any policy document, regardless of different formats or patterns, with the use of Appian IDP’s AI and Auto ML capabilities. 

 Appian RPA 

By streamlining their manual procedures and lightening the workload on human personnel, robotic process automation (RPA) is revolutionizing the way insurance businesses function. By utilizing a scalable, digital workforce, Appian RPA interacts with older business systems and apps to boost productivity. Based on the Policy Number, Type, or Customer Name, we can precisely extract data from any agency management system using Appian RPA.

 Appian Low-Code

By integrating all of your technologies, data, and systems into a single process, Appian’s Low-code capabilities enable us to quickly design and construct stunning UIs with quicker development deployments and accelerate business results. Taking advantage of these features, we created a pre-set customizable checklist to demonstrate the differences and matching data gathered from Appian IDP & Appian RPA. 
 Why Should You Choose Tech Tammina? 
Let me tell you that the Insurance Policy Checking Automation solution from Tech Tammina is both effective and affordable if you’re wondering why you should pick it. Our automation solution will streamline the policy check procedure with a quick setup, precise extraction, strong automation, and the benefits of machine learning. In contrast to competing alternatives, user reconciliation enables users to edit or choose the missing data from the automatically derived data. A highly customized checklist, AMS verification, a unique workflow, and many other features are also included. Additionally, compared to competing solutions that charge about $20 per policy, this solution will only run you $3 per policy.