BPM – Streamlining Workflow And Empowering IT Firms


As the Software Industry mostly relays on advanced technologies nowadays for their daily operations and functionality, the Department of IT (Information Technology) plays a prominent role. If at all, the BPM (Business Process Management) Software solutions are available in marketing, we could consider conveying our heartfelt thanks to the makers of BPM software’s, offering consistent support and integration into IT operations for an organization’s operational workflow.

BPM – A Boon To The IT Firms!

BPM software’s such as Appian BPM, Pega BPMjBPM assists the IT employees to carry out their day to day work tasks in a time-saving manner, thereby increasing cost effectiveness. Appian BPM software is used for maintaining & monitoring the computer hardware systems, developing databases as well as software development, where it eases the management for networking systems and data management. This platform makes it possible to provide solutions to integrate business operations and promoting simplest means of creating applications to overcome the hardships faced by the company’s business processes.

Information Technology can practice/put to use new apps and empower customization of new features to the IT (Information Technology) aptly and in an effortless way to the demands of the various units. For the end users, BPM software offers personalized work experience and applications which are precisely suitable for various functionalities and features. This will diminish the workforce or the support team. As an add on the work is minimized and the IT team can save a considerably low amount of time consumed for minor issues and bugs. As a result, the focus falls on the IT elements for better outlook and ratio.

This assists the corporate IT Departments to reduce the regular maintenance burden for the entire company(regulating the maintenance of the entire company), thus enhancing the process for different units in an organized manner and increasing the strive (productivity)of the business. Proving BPM to be a major breakthrough in the IT Sector

What We Offer:

Tech Tammina’s proposed team structure for Appian programs/ projects varies based on the complexity of the engagement with our esteemed customers.  Nevertheless, Tech Tammina has built in-house capability on following roles for Appian engagements:

BPM Program Manager:

  • Provides overall governance of 1 or more Appian projects by managing scope, budget, resources and risk.
  • Provides periodic status and dashboards on engagement to internal and external stakeholders.

Process Architect:

  • Bridges the gap between Business and IT in automation of Business Processes using Appian BPMS
  • In addition to playing the role of Business Analyst, does high-level sketch of business process using Appian Process Modeler
  • Provides process use cases, including exception paths, roles, and wireframe of task user interfaces

Scrum Master

  • Handholds development team in translating specification prepared by Process Architect into full-fledged Appian application
  • Maintains sprint backlogs, chalks out sprint plan, ensures sprint introspection and all other related activities of project

Appian Architect

  • Provides technical leadership for building an end-2-end Appian application
  • Mentors team in adhering to best practices, implementation of correct process patterns & reusable component design
  • Implements initial application storyboard, i.e. happy path process model, Task UI sketches, dashboard and report design

Appian Process Developer

  • Uses Appian BPMS to develop end-to-end application
  • Maintains unit test cases incorporates Application security and does Application packaging and deployment

Appian Test Developer

  • Uses Appian’s out of box testing framework for manual and automated testing
  • Maintains and executes test plan and test cases

Tech Tammina has a full-fledged BPM Center of Excellence, within which we have technology center for specific BPM Platforms. BPM CoE is staffed with 38 full-time employees, 22 of them attached to Appian Technology Center.”

Tech Tammina has developed Appian Book of Knowledge @ it’s Appian Technology Center. This Appian BOK contains code-based details of common design patterns, tips/ tricks learned during multiple Appian engagements and design guidelines to have adhered during project execution. This Appian BOK is a live document that is constantly updated based on experiences of consultants on the ground as well as Appian/ BPM experts within the BPM CoE. Before a project is initiated, project teams are provided a checklist compiled based on Appian BOK that is used by them as guidance during development and peer/ QA reviews. During project execution, Tech Tammina’s BPM CoE periodically collaborates with project team members to mentor/ monitor/ measure the adoption of Appian BOK.

Tech Tammina has developed the reusable technology components as well business framework to jump-start an Appian implementation.

  • Process Monitoring Dashboard Framework provides generic framework to measure and monitor performance of any process automated using Appian BPMS
  • Case Tracker is end-to-end solution for managing lifecycle of any case (e.g. problem ticket, service request), right from inception through assignment till resolution and closure
  • Audit Trail is a reusable framework to capture 360-degree insight of human actions (e.g. approve, reject) in workflows
  • CMS Connectivity Kit is a ready-to-use component for integrating with Alfresco Cloud
  • Document Review and Approval is a plug-and-play framework to be used in document-centric workflows

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