Expanding Services to Dutch!!!

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Expanding Services to Dutch!!! 

Does a corporate competition 
effects the location of the company? 

There might be some stories about transmute of companies growth based on 
location factor to gain a feasibility in growth of the organization. Location of the 
company plays a vital role in competing with the other organizations. Generally the 
business enterprises shows interest in expanding their business locations choosing 
them wisely by considering many factors that should permit them to magnify the 
current commercial scenario of the corporate sector. 

According to Forbes 2018, Netherlands is the 3rd best country to start business, it 
steered us to grow step by step in providing them our services from Tech Tammina BV,
Keizersgracht 391A, 1016 EJ Amsterdam, Netherlands. we have been experiencing clients 
who are based out of Netherlands. Thus gave us the motivation to setup our own 
premises in Netherlands, as a head quarter for the entire European region. Also gives 
us more visible probability to interact directly with the clients and customers. 
Netherlands is the European Union's best country for business living consortium. 
We preferred Netherlands to be one of our powerful wings in our organization. 
Offering services through Low code development under using technologies like 
Appian, Mendix, RPA and bpm'online. Mendix is the hub of low code development 
operations in Netherlands. Precisely the working location with publicizing conditions is 
essential for a business enterprise to develop and sustain in the syndicate world.

Netherlands offers an affordable cost of living and an exceptional quality of life. 
Offering good immigration options for enterprises and for the employees to start in 
Netherlands. Having set up with different cultures, traditions, international workforce, 
it imparts a wide scope to interact with multiple people and work with them. 
The quality of life aptly corresponds to Netherlands, one can easily cope up with high 
standards of life. Netherlands comprises fantastic locations within Europe region with 
a coastal structure that enables a good support services for new businesses. 

Europe Head Quarters:
Tech Tammina BV, Keizersgracht 391A, 1016 EJ Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

netherlands@tecttammina.com / bpm@tammina.com