How BPM Supports Work Process Improvement

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BPM  services are becoming extremely popular for the benefits they offer to an organisation. Several companies are now- a- days embarking on Business Process Management Service (BPM)  programs in order to drive competitive advantage by improving their operational performance and work processes.

  • Business Process Management

BPM is a disciplined methodology and management approach which provides end-to-end process control, process understanding, and process visibility while BPM supports efficacious communication across an organization.  Which is known to deliver many benefits to an organization and process improvement is one of those benefits. BPM uses technology tools for rapidly adjusting, modeling,  managing and optimizing business processes.  These technology solutions act as the toolkit that is capable of solving multiple processes related issues through visibility,   collaboration, and automation. The companies offering BPM Solutions  are  constantly  focusing  on  work  in  process improvement to deliver measurable results in shorter time-frames

  • Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is one of the key offerings by the firms that offer BPM Services. The work process improvement can be regarded as the proactive task of analyzing, identifying and improving the existing business processes in an organization to achieve process optimization and to meet the ever-evolving standards of quality. If often involves a standardized and systematic approach towards modifying the processes, contemplating them with the sub-processes and even eliminating certain processes in order to achieve overall improvement. The work process improvement is a continuous practice and one of the underlying aspects of the BPM suite implementation.

  • How BPM Supports Work Process Improvement?

By identifying the tangible areas of process improvement, BPM tools start working on the overall process optimization and automation. After the implementation of the BPM suite, the processes are run through the BPM software, and during the course of the process execution. the process executives and process managers can see where the improvements are required within the process. The analysis of the process completion time is also one of the most useful tools to evaluate its performance and then, planning its improvement.

Other BPM Suits

Other vital ways of implementing the process improvement solutions under a BPM suite such as AppianPega & jBPM include building Agile workflow solutions by leveraging the process repositories, process analysis, process automation, process modeling and workflow automation for end- to- end transformation of the specific processes. Providing a workflow engine underneath a tailor-made an application, which offers robust functionality is also an incredible way to achieving overall process improvement. The successful implementation of the work process improvement methodology results in the enhancement of customer satisfaction, product quality, customer loyalty, augmented productivity and better ROIs.

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