How Chatbots can boost your business in 2020

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How Chatbots can boost your business in 2020 Companies are evolving every day a major reason for this change is automation. Automation has become a reason for quick ROI. Automation aims to increases the productivity of a company by many folds and offers better service to its client base. Automation can be used in various fields like mechanical, hydraulic, electrical the list keeps ongoing. Today we will specifically speak about human interaction. Wait what human interaction you ask? Yes, human interaction most of you are familiar with “Google assistant” “Siri” and “Bigsby” these are the major artificial intelligence at your fingertips. You may have come across more not going to debate with you on that. What are these AI, in simple terms, they make your life easy, they are convenient to have at your fingertips but what is the productivity of these AI. There have an ocean of uses in productivity but limited to use. Every AI has its limitation. It comes down to what it was designed for. Similarly, we have Chatbots. Companies that incorporate the functionality of chatbots are always recording leads and never missing any consumer complaints. Chatbots 2020 You may say what’s so great about it. Leads may come in at any time recording their requirements is essential so as consumer complaints and reverting to these queries at the earliest is a challenging task. Companies need to have a huge employee base to make it happen which is a lot of investment. How do we overcome these challenging tasks you may ask a good question? Let’s start with Lead generation and nurturing. 1) Lead qualification: Chatbots can easily follow the pre-set questionnaire and easily convert website users to potential leads. The lead information can be provided to the sales team for qualification and further nurturing. 2) Lead nurturing: Using various algorithms a chatbot can engage a customer by providing better recommendations and also cross-sell any services the company offers. Automated customer support 24*7 1) Do you like to wait? No one likes to be in line for hours so as customers. A successful company always puts customer satisfaction as a top-level priority. Serving customers during employee off can be really challenging, guess what chatbot does not go off because they are programs designed to help the employee help serve their clients better by providing 24*7 services to your customer. 2) What about logical questions? Chatbots can be trained to answer general FAQs. a chatbot can learn to answer similar questions in the future. Reduce customer service cost 1) Serving customers without trying to delay between customers can be a costly affair. This can be reduced by inducting chatbots they can engage a lot of customers before sending a customer to an employee. 2) Chatbots can be developed to handle any type of process, during peak business hours they can also be automated to a routine business process and they can also be designed to enable a new customer service model. These are a few of the advantages of deploying a chatbot in your organization to boost your business in 2020. Want to know more about it We Tech Tammina have vast experience in developing chat-bot for various industries. With over 20+ developers working on chat-bot we serve to provide the best chat-bot experience.