MEAN stack: Top 5 perks in Web App Development

In the age of digitization and the internet, keeping your server updated and functioning at all times is necessary for all businesses. This can be achieved easily by using MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js in a short MEAN stack. MEAN stack uses JavaScript for all its development on both server-side and client-side and this makes it easy to develop using one language i.e. JavaScript. top-5-perks-in-web-app-development-mean-stack-1.

MEAN stack: Top 5 perks in Web App Development are

  1. Isomorphic Coding
Isomorphic code allows you to write and execute the same code on both server-side and client’s sides, this has many benefits. For instance, the single page application takes a lot less time to load from the server-side to the client-side as the code is isomorphic. There are many other benefits of isomorphic coding, there is less coding required for the developers to write, and code redundancy can be avoided as the client-side and server-side share the same code. Developments time is also reduced as developers don’t need to develop codes for the same functionality in different languages.  
  1. Highly Flexible
When the development process is completed, the developer can easily test the application on the cloud platform. Mean can be highly flexible you can develop, test, and deploy the application with great flexibility. MongoDB has the capability to provide full cluster support and has the ability to automatic replication.  
  1. MEAN uses JSON
JavaScript Object Notation in short JSON is a minimal, readable format for strutting data. It is used in both NodeJS and AngularJS. JSON is primarily used to transmit data between sever-side and client-side web applications or SPA. Due to this flexibility developers prefer to mean at various stages of the development process.  
  1. Cost-effective
As the development process at both server-side and client-side uses only MEAN, developers who are experts in MEAN stack can be deployed for developing the application. Whereas LAMP stack requires developers to be experts in MySQL, JavaScript, and PHP thus multiple resource deployment and increase the cost of the development of the application.  
  1. Open Source and Cloud Compatible
MEAN stack technologies are open source and are available for free. MEAN speeds up the development process using libraries and public repositories thus reducing the cost of development. MongoDB also helps reduce disk space by deploying cloud functionalities.   Why Choose Tech Tammina? Tech Tammina has expertise in MEAN with developers experienced in MEAN stack over 15+ years. We take pride in saying we have over 80% retention of our clients using MEAN stack.   Contact us to know more about our MEAN stack capability.