Tech Tammina Product launches – Insurance Policy Checking Automation

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Tech Tammina launches Insurance Policy Checking Automation to augment digital transformation and uplift business growth

Virginia, USA:  Tech Tammina, a leading Appian partner, announces today the launch of an Insurance Policy Checking Automation Solution that uses the robust potential of Appian’s latest features which enables organizations to automate crucial yet iterative and time-consuming process for better agility, customer experience, and holistic growth.

With constant technological advancements, it has become very crucial for traditional insurance enterprises to embrace change and improvise their IT strategy to ensure growth and optimum customer engagement. As digital transformation has become the new norm to stay ahead in the game, relying on legacy systems for value-adding processes like manual policy checking/verification can slow down progress and expose one’s vulnerability in the competitive circle.

If your company still banks on manual policy checking or outsources the same, then it’s time for deep introspection! A regular policy document or binder consists of 30 to 250 pages approximately. Going through these pages, verifying their details with the management systems, and then manually jotting down differences or similarities of the given information to create a checklist sounds quite exhaustive. What adds more, is its unvarying repetitiveness which makes the entire process very tedious and time-consuming (as much as 2 hrs for a single policy document).

Tech Tammina understands the above challenge along with the essence of time and cost factors influencing an insurer’s growth and therefore presents you a simple solution that can impel you to accomplish the same, with a decrease in E&O Claims, in a few minutes/hours. Our solution is well architected by our expertise in Appian RPA, IDP, and Low-code process automation, providing you advantages of-

  1. Accurate data extraction
  2. Customizable predefined checklist
  3. Colored labels for E&O and its summary
  4. On-screen visualization of the entire workflow and
  5. Holistic audit-trial

For successful end-to-end policy checking automation, our solution utilizes the integrated potential of-

Appian Intelligent Document Processing’s AI and Auto ML to extract relevant data points from any Policy Document irrespective of various formats/patterns.

Appian Robotic Process Automation to accurately extract data from any agency management system based on Policy Number/Type/Customer Name.

Appian Low-code Capabilities to rapidly design and build impactful UIs with quicker deployments and integrate all your data, and systems into a single workflow to accelerate business outcomes.

The catch of implementing Tech Tammina’s Policy checking solution is to get the added advantage of a user reconciliation feature, allowing users to modify/select the missing information from the auto-extracted data along with a highly customizable checklist, precise verification with AMS, seamless workflow, etc. all within a reasonable market value. Our vision lies in the greater necessity of digitally transforming the insurance space to capacitate better agility, quicker delivery, and healthier customer experience.


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