Top 10 Things You Should Know About ASP.NET
Model Binding The upcoming version of ASP.NET web forms have a number of improvements to data binding, the most significant of these is model binding. Previously for the development of web page, we used grid views popular with data using data source property and calling the data bind method from the code behind. Now, these approach works when it overcomes few limitations by adding new features like “Update Method”, “TryUpdateModel”, etc. OAuth The other latest feature of ASP.NET 4.5 is OAuth, we use OAuth for logging social networking sites and we can also use it to log into sites re-create. OAuth is also included in ASP.NET in all the default templates we can use OAuth in web forms, web pages, MVC and in any template we want to use. The addition of membership database to the existing application which had already setup page and we can make use of other websites from it. ASP.NET-Application-Development-Blog-Banner Async, Await and New features in ASP.NET 4.5 specifically, async, await and ASP.NET how does asynchrony and await programming fit into the ASP.NET space. Asynchrony is built of throughout ASP.NET, we can use it in web forms, MVC with async controls, web APIs, signalR in any application we can use asynchronous programming. The already existing programming code can be converted to asynchronous by adding “Async” with the existing method. SignalR and Websockets SignalR becomes a part of ASP.NET family which specially used to create real-time services using ASP.NET and web sockets report in .Net 4.5. SignalR is the abstraction over some of the transports that are required to do real-time work and the connection from the client to server persistent connection over HTTP, it can easily build multi-user and real-time web applications. Especially, it provides auto-negotiates transport feature. Websockets is the new feature of .Net 4.5, which supports the lowest levels like HTTP handling and also high-level contracts like signalR in ASP.NET. Bundling and Optimization Bundling is the new feature in ASP.NET that allows to bundle up literally some of the resources we have downloaded in the application like CSS files, JavaScript files rather than making the browser call-up for each file, we can bundle up those files into a single file by compressing to minimization and by moving unnecessary files. Also, We can increase the optimization functioning of the application. Web API Web API is the part of ASP.NET technology and fix a nicely with web forms, web pages or MVC. It is the easiest way to make restful services of ASP.NET. ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) 4 ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) 4 is the part of the overall ASP.NET eco-system and ASP.NET MVC is the model view controller pattern performs a number of co-features with MVC. We can create mobile application based apps and much more desktop applications. Strongly-Typed Data Controls We use strongly typed data controls in web forms to build data-driven web applications with ASP.NET web forms then we need to use “Fieldname ” statements when binding data. We can catch errors and typos upfront and we can write more maintainable code using strongly typed data controls. Publishing Publishing can make an easier pop on the actual web and these features would work on any templates like ASP.NET web forms, signalR, web API, MVC. Page Inspector Page inspector works in all aspects of ASP.NET where we can use it in web forms, MVC, web pages and in any web application by adding the page inspector command on the web page. Hire ASP .Net Dedicated Team Note: If you have any ASP.NET projects or requirements, we have a dedicated offshore and onsite development teams specialized in ASP.NET for Web Application Development and Mobile Application Development Contact us