Top 5 Reasons to Choose Creatio over other CRM

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Creatio Over Other CRM
A successful business needs a stellar CRM. CRM tools are requisite for any business to grow positively and you may ask why Creatio?

  1. Ease of use

A good CRM should be easy to use and with Creatio intuitive functions and design, you can start learning from day one. The point of installing Creatio is to accelerate the efficiency of your business so Creatio was developed keeping in mind that training and deploying your employees would not be challenging tasks.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Creatio Over Other CRM1

  1. Low-code process automation

Low-Code technology has become a boom for all those businesses who are looking for modernizing and expecting a fast ROI. With Creatio’s low-code platform you can easily automate your business ideas in minutes. Creatio was developed for both IT professionals and non-IT professional, employees with low or no knowledge of coding can develop their needs with ease using Creatio’s Studio section. Any business can Effortlessly build custom solutions using low-code technologies. This includes building user interfaces and business logic. Creatio’s Low-Code platform also supports Machine learning models for better decision making for those who are tech-savvy.
  1. Adaptability

When a business decides to get a CRM it also plans for the future and Creatio is developed keeping things in mind. With growing businesses, adaptability is a challenge, and Creatio addresses this issue perfectly. Creatio can be easily modified according to your business need, using it low-code Platform you can create a completely new process for your new department within weeks and train your employees on the same.
  1. Analytics

Any CRM needs a good analytics tool to understand the performance of your business or employee and Creatio achieves this by using dashboards. Ceatio’s dashboards are easy to use with multiple information provided at a given point of time you can check all your analytics on how your business is doing, what part of your business requires attention, what is your employee KPIs and which customers are happy with your services. You can also custom design many dashboards that you feel like needing at any point of time without the need for complex development. Creatio analytical tool is a must-have feature for any CRM solution.
  1. Customer Satisfaction

The success of any business is customer satisfaction, and with the help of Creatio, you can monitor your customer satisfaction level and provide timely services, keep track of your customer needs, keep track of all your customer ratings with process automation and email integration always stay ahead of the competition and never miss any important emails from your customers. Creatio has proved itself to be a great CRM in the market and why you should choose Tech Tammina for your Creatio needs. Tech Tammina has Certified professionals for Creatio with Developers and Analyst all your CRM needs can be achieved with us at Tech Tammina. Tech Tammina has a proven track record for retaining over 80% of clients for all its CRM needs.