Top 6 Perks of Using ASP.NET For Web Application Development

The top 6 perks of using ASP.NET for web application development are as follows Secure and Reliable ASP.NET drastically reduces the amount of code required to build large web applications with built in windows authentication and per-application configuration, your application are safe and secure. It is purely service side technology so, ASP.NET code executes on the server before it is sent to the browser. Flexibility to look at in any browser and high-security web based applications where code can’t be viewed from the browser. Easy to use, there is no need to have more coding and no need to be compelled more to register parts as a result of the configuration data which is integral and framework comprises the ability to dynamically edit amendment or add any content of an online page and it also provides the ability to access any information or get back the outcome to a browser. ASP.NET-Is-Everything-You-Need Cross Platform Your applications can be easily ported to virtually any platform with a web browser and can be distributed online as well. Utilities make it easy to port your web applications into a cross-platform native application. Web development is standard based You are not required to use proprietary software that locks you to the platform. Executable portions of a web application compiled so they execute more quickly than interpreted scripts. Access to the .NET framework, which extends the windows API applications and which provides a type-safe, object-oriented version of the c programming language. By using CSharp programming language, we can create new customized server controls from existing controls and provides built-in security through the windows server or through other authentication or authorization methods. ASP.NET MVC is based on the ASP.NET framework and it is alternative to web forms for developing web applications. We can build web applications in ASP.NET using two different approaches or models i.e. in Web forms and MVC. In ASP.NET MVC different components can be tested in isolation and have full control over the generated HTML and it provides separation of concerns. Ease of Widening of Dimensions When a company grows in size and scale, a website developed on an web framework would ease your time efficiently by decreasing the time consumption in re-developing which will reach your expected growth and size by it also reduces cost, time and resources. Reduction of Marketing Time The existing skills and applications can be profited with the help of this framework which will result in building an IT infrastructure at a faster pace. All existing applications can easily be turned into XML and web services, without the need of recompiling or rewriting. Custom Web Development Businesses need solutions that are a custom fit for their needs and different verticals have different metrics for business intelligence, international companies need a CMS that brands their websites, sales teams need anywhere access to key information when and where it is needed. As ASP.Net has many advantages and simplifies the developer’s work in process of developing an application, ASP.Net is the preferable development techniques used in this generation. Microsoft is updating additional features to ASP.Net consistently to ease the development strategies and implement reliable mechanisms to the application. Note: Let us know if you have any requirement, we develop Web applications and we have dedicated ASP.Net Web Development team to work on your projects onsite and offshore. Contact Us