Top five advantages of having Appian BPM over Nintex workflow

appian workflow
Appian BPM is an innovative way of approaching your management operations to enhance the corporate performance of your business. Whereas Nintex workflow is a drag-and-drop workflow designer which comes with a simple and powerful process automation tool. Appian BPM is delineated as a “Process Optimization” technique that optimizes and manages your company’s business process. In Nintex workflow, it is therefore described as a “Process simplifier” where we can observe automated solutions by which you can automate and simplify the complex processes. A lot of organizations get confused in choosing the best product for their process management and business management. In this article, we are providing the major benefits of Appian BPM over Nintex Workflow which turns up your mind to Appian BPM. Collaboration Business Process Management is not a single-way path; it includes multiple paths to be incurred. Appian BPM provides highly collaborative solutions. Appian BPM integrates with highly responsive software applications to produce on-demand solutions for clients. Appian Cloud BPM picks all the strategies of the Appian BPM software and drops it in a hosted server. The client can relax about the process of their business management; they can log in from any location with an internet connection to monitor their process and data. Appian-vs-Nintex Integration Nintex workflow generates only automated solutions for content management systems whereas Appian Business Process Management offers enterprise solutions that integrate both work automation and data management. Nintex workflow requires some applications like SharePoint and Office365 to produce satisfactory results. In the case of Appian BPM, integration is done only with the datasheets according to the client’s request. Features Nintex Workflow is limited to certain features only like Automation, Create process Friendly norms, Nintex connectors, Mobility. Appian BPM has numerous numbers of features such as BPMN Solutions, Business rules, Native repository of process, Event processing in complex cases, Interface designs, Out of Box integration, Maintenance of records, Real-time management tools, social collaboration, skill-based routing, extending process management, Intuitive User Interfaces, Stimulated process history, Predictable analytics, etc. We can go on to find many features in terms of Appian BPM. Cost-Effective Generally, the process management for a business costs more in any BPM software other than Appian BPM. Due to increased workforce, enhancement of productivity, more outlining business operations, and automating repetitive tasks in the pipeline for an organization, Appian BPM came into existence with a lot of additional features with cost-effective results. Appian BPM offers multiple features and efficient solutions at a limited price. The client can taste the feel of success within a short span in their management processes with reduced costs. High Revenue and Agility One of the tangible benefits of Business Process Management is Revenue. Any company’s major concentration is to generate more revenue with less investment. Appian BPM came with the concept of helping companies to retain more revenues in a short while. Appian BPM assists an enterprise in accelerating agile response and solutions. Note: Let us know if you have any requirements, we develop applications and we have Appian certified developers to work on your projects onsite and offshore. Contact Us