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Creatio is a leading business process automation and CRM software platform. With a complete suite of out- of-the-box solutions, this software can help you streamline our enterprise processes, increase the productivity of our employees and make CRM data sense in order to provide our customers with better and more consistent service. It even won 2017 Great Users Experience Award for its accelerated architecture as a testament to this program’s strong and yet user-friendly functionalities. The Creatio CRM currently includes three modules: Creatio Marketing,Creatio sales and Creatio services. This allows users to manage their CRM efforts without investing in multiple programs. The various departments involved in your campaigns have specific tools for each module. This allows you to centralize our database, reduce worldly tasks and optimize the efficiency of our workplace easily. Firstly, the Marketing module allows us to map customer journey based on our demographic goal and the purchasing pattern of potential customers. We can also plan and launch multi-channel data-backed campaigns with the same module that can greatly speed up the process of lead generation and conversion. Secondly, the Sales module allows our users to plan a customer’s own sales cycle. This makes it easy for sales people to pick up our marketing professionals. This allows us to monitor certain transactions and understand better what products and services our customers need. This allows us to return repeated sales from current customers easily. Finally, the Service module offers user the tools we need to offer our customers practical and personalized support. This allows us to access previous customer interactions and transactions between our customer and Tech Tammina. Our Clients can approach their customers exactly in this way to ensure quality service delivery. In the event our operations still need features, Creatio CRM also has open API functions to easily integrate into third-party applications such as the ERP, corporate analysis, social listening and productivity systems. We can combine this with existing enterprise systems seamlessly or adjust it to suit your company’s changing needs.

Creatio Industry Vertices

Subscriber Database Management

Subscriber Database Management

A complete CRM data base ensures that all customer interactions remain in one place throughout the history.
  • Full history of communications
  • Intelligent segmentation
  • Intelligent duplication search and merge in order to maintain data clean and up to date
  • Multi-dimensional analysis of the subscriber database
Sales and Order Management

Sales and Order Management

With Creatio CRM for telecoms, manage the entire sales and order process easily.
  • Sales and order management
  • Key account management
  • Automation, cross-sales and up-sales of contract and renewal process
  • Sales forecasting
  • Product catalogue with customer products and services, the ability to bundle offerings, and the management of discounts and promotions
Network Profitability Management

Network Profitability Management

Use Creatio CRM to increase networking, services and applications revenue for telecoms.
  • Inventory and resource management
  • Project management for provisioning processes
  • Projects’ profitability forecasting and analysis
Simplified Documents Flow Management

Simplified Documents Flow Management

Manage all contracts, invoices, policies and other documents quickly and easily.
  • Tools for reducing paperwork through use of electronic documents
  • Integration with telecom accounting and ERP platforms
  • Storage, sharing and authority on one platform documents
Service Management

Service Management

Give your customers a personalized service across all channels to ensure an accurate and complete view.
  • Automation of service and telemarketing contact centres
  • Service request and case management
  • Service delivery under SLA terms
  • Order fulfilment management
Marketing, Demand Generation and Loyalty

Marketing, Demand Generation and Loyalty

Automatically estimate ROI at every step of your marketing campaign.
  • Management multi-channel campaign
  • Demand tracking and customer fit products according to their needs
  • Subscriber tracking acquisition channels
  • Resource Marketing Management
  • Programming loyalty management

Why Tech Tammina?

    • Creatio Implementation Service
The methodology of Creatio implementation is based on PRINCE2, a globally recognized project management approach that helps to significantly reduce project schedules, improve communication amongst team members and deliver a turnkey solution that meets all business requirements.
    • Creatio Integration Service
We choose our way on our own to integrate with the Creatio platform: Web services, .Net managed assemblies, .COM, DLL, Triggers, stored procedures, and transit files.
    • Creatio Advisory Services
Out of the-box consultation processes provide competent and accurate client advice services. We choose the right process to make the most of our communication depending on the objectives and preferences of our client.
    • Creatio Enhancements
Creatio 7.13 has a new feature, which allows us to launch marketing campaigns when adding or updating system information.
    • Creatio User Experience, Design and Build
Creatio Online UI Information intelligently places the same work experience across appliances in the context of our current task, Human-centred design.
    • Creatio Dedicated Team
Advanced Technologies Foundation is a professional and dedicated team that specializes in the development of Creatio apps which is beneficial for our clients and we work according to their work processes and strategies.

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