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What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js. MEAN refers to a cluster of JavaScript-based technologies used to develop unique, quick and robust web applications. From client to server and server to database, MEAN is full stack JavaScript.

The four components of the MEAN stack were developed at different points in time. But, now they are assembled together to form the MEAN stack. It provides a modern approach which simplifies and stimulates web application development.

Why choose MEAN?

MEAN is a modern and user-friendly full-stack JavaScript framework, which is becoming most popular all over the world for its flexibility and efficiency in web development.

MEAN makes use of the strength of modern and productive single and multi-page applications, which does not need to reload a web page for every single request to the server like the most traditional web applications do. By using a uniform language and form a full-stack solution. MEAN stack is a very simple way to create a responsive, modern and dynamic web applications.

It is open source full-stack solution designed to provide developers with a quick and well-ordered way for creating fast and rapid MEAN stack based dynamic web applications with excellent performance. This MEAN stack is extremely versatile with JavaScript shining all through the stack. The main reason for choosing the MEAN stack over others is because of the use of a single language throughout the application that is for both client-side and server-side. Since all these technologies are written in JavaScript, the web development process becomes easier to reuse the code from back-end to front-end. MEAN stack is a very efficient and modern approach to web development.

Features of MEAN Stack

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Our MEAN Services

  • Node.js, Express.js Design and Development
  • AngularJS Design and Development
  • Web Services and API Development and Integration
  • MEAN Stack Web Development
  • MEAN Stack Support and Maintenance
  • Responsive / Mobile Friendly Web App Development
  • MEAN Stack CMS Development
  • MEAN Stack E-Commerce Development
  • MEAN Stack ERP Development
  • SEO Friendly Development
  • Migration and Porting to MEAN Stack
  • Customized Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Higher Individual MEAN Stack Developers or a MEAN Stack Team
  • MEAN Stack Development Partner
  • MEAN Stack CRM Development

Why Tech Tammina?

  • 13+ years of industry experience gives us the winning advantage.
  • MEAN Stack Developers having years of experience in providing web solutions.
  • Excellent core stack development providing an end-to-end solution for businesses.
  • Modernizing your website and giving it more dynamic features.
  • Provides you with rich apps to showcase your business more effectively.
  • Transforming your website into a more productive and effective business.
  • Quality web applications using one common platform for development JavaScript.
  • Round-the-clock availability for communication and reliable reporting system.
  • Scalable and customized solutions tailored to the client’s need.
  • Reliable application enhancement, support and maintenance.
  • Diverse clientage across multiple domains around the globe.

A Few Words From Our Clients

Our goal is to provide service that keep our clients happy