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Tech Tammina is one of the pioneering and best BPM Solutions companies in India and US that offers an array of flexible partnership models to effectively and efficiently build and maintain specifically tailored business relationships which provide the capacity to become an asset to the individuals, companies and executives seeking the competitive advantage.

Why Partner With Tech Tammina?

Our deep-set commitment to our clients for delivering world-class services defines how we do business and our experience of working across distinct industry verticals underpin the array of services which we offer. Apart from world-class services to our clients, our partnership models with the companies and executives are based on the mutual trust, shared profits and ambitious goals.

Offshore Partnership

By leveraging the right strategies, we ensure that when you enter into the offshore partnership with us, you get the maximum business advantage with quick n-time delivery and lower operational costs.
Our offshore partnership offers an amazing way to increase your investment opportunities and reducing operational costs while generating more revenue. Today, outsourcing has become one of the most efficient ways to reduce overheads while enjoying the benefits of the most talented resources and state of the art infrastructure along with efficient project management. We offer the best off-shoring services as we possess the expertise to deliver avant-garde technical and best RPO services in for even the most complex projects. We aid our Offshore Partners to focus on their core activities and gain an edge over their competitors by staying ahead in the technology arena and HRO management Solutions. We help our partners to adapt to the changing market trends much faster as compared to their counterparts and thus, get a significant competitive advantage.

Offshore Partnership

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Referral Partnership

With a referral partnership with Tech Tammina, you get the opportunity to identify the potential opportunities and get recurring rewards through our robust marketing assistance and a superior payment structure. When you associate with us on the basis of a referral partnership, you help us grow by providing us profitable references and can share our success.

We offer our referral partners highly lucrative rewards through automated monthly payments. Our sales team stays in close association with you, and keep you informed about our new products, services, and technologies. You can add our services to your business while sending any references to us for availing those services. As and when your references get associated with Tech Tammina for a certain service, we start rewarding you on a recurring basis. We ensure that you get into a hassle-free relationship with us, and that’s why we extend you the technical support with innovative ways of earning revenue for your business.

Referral Partnership


Joint Venture Partnership

Build joint ventures with us, so that we both can leverage each others’ strengths and technical expertise to get access to the unexplored markets, untapped distribution channels, and the latest resources.

Often the companies possess expertise and proficiency in one of the technology domains, but lack of other capabilities which limits their earning potential and ROIs. With our Joint Venture Partnership program, we can help our partners to get access to the best mobile and software solutions development, and use the technology resources to enhance their brand value, target customers reach and achieve measurable results in a shorter span of time. Apart from the business support in several ways, we also help you with the training and development to ensure that you always stay ahead in your niche and lead the market. With core expertise, stable business principles and long-term relationships, we can get mutual benefits in this competitive market scenario and support each other in realizing our individual organizational goals.

Joint Venture Partnership

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